Roll For Initiative! The Last Session Ensues

The Last Session

Author: Jasmine Walls – Artist: Dozerdraws – Letterer: Micah Myers – Editor: Michael Moccio

Mad Cave Studios is excited to announce our new D&D series, The Last Session. Join Jay, Lana, Drew, Walter, and Shen as they go up against some of the most puzzling monsters and life roadblocks. Dive into the game and their lives, as they discover their true friendship through Dice & Deathtraps.

“As a nonbinary asexual artist I was thrilled to find parts of myself in the characters from The Last Session. We have such a big and wonderful cast and Jasmine managed to give everyone their time to shine. I’m hoping for readers to fall in love with the story and characters, to laugh and cry with them and to generally find as much joy in this series as I did while working on it.” – Artist, Dozerdraws

“As someone who made a tight-knit group of friends playing D&D in high school, this book was an absolute joy to write. Combined with Dozer’s stunning artwork, we’ve created the kind of characters I’d have loved to read about, especially as a teen struggling with what being aro/ace meant to me. We’re exploring the often scary transition from teenage years to adulthood in a way that’s fun, a little messy, and with plenty of monster fighting. One thing I’ve realized as an adult is that friendship really can save the day, and more often than you might think.” – Writer, Jasmine Walls

Hear from author, Jasmine Walls & editor Michael Moccio, August 5th for School Library Journal Teen Live, and August 11th for Transmissions From The Cave!

Synopsis: Jay, Lana, Drew, Walter, and Shen have played Dice & Deathtraps together since high school. Now, on the verge of graduating college and scattering, they’ve decided to finally complete their unfinished first campaign. But when Jay’s partner Cassandra joins as a new player, Lana’s afraid the party won’t ever finish their quest…

The Last Session #1 is now available for preorder on our site, will be in previews September 22, 2021, and officially in stores December 01, 2021 – be sure to mark your calendars.

The Last Session #1 can be purchased on, Comixology, Drive-thru comics, or your local comic book shop.

Mad Cave Studios: is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded by Mark London in 2014 driven by madness and committed to quality. For additional information, visit


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