One man’s trash is another man’s living.
Since earth became inhospitable, humanity escaped ages ago to live in a space station floating above the atmosphere. Now Travis and his crew of garbage men are tasked with cleaning up mountains of toxic waste, working for a company called Atomic Bros INC., to create a ‘Clear World’. But when one of Travis’ crew members goes missing near an old nuclear facility Travis’ job becomes a bit more complicated.



Don't Spit in the Wind

Here's What Critics Are Saying

Library Journal
Library Journal@LibraryJournal
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"Delightfully sinister and gleefully borrowing from its apocalyptic forbears, this is a fatalistic fever dream." - Library Journal
Comic Book Poser
Comic Book Poser@CBPoser
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"The art in this book looks so amazing, it almost has a feel of reading an older comic printed on newsprint, which was an amazing feel for someone who prefers physical to digital reads. You should definitely add this book to your pull list now, I promise you won't regret it!"
Capes and Tights
Capes and Tights@capestightspod
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"Cardoselli has created an exciting new miniseries with Mad Cave’s Don’t Spit In The Wind that deals with relevant issues such as environmentalism and legacy building while still providing readers with thrilling stories about its characters’ journeys for self-discovery and redemption."
Geek Vibes Nation
Geek Vibes Nation@GeekVibesNation
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"This is Mad Cave’s very first creator-owned series after opening itself up to submissions in April 2022 and it sets a high bar for future installments."

Ready to Clean Up?


The Characters


Travis is the crew chief in charge of the garbage crew. Travis sees an Earth full of potential beneath the tons of garbage and rotting waste and believes he can find a way to clean the Earth so it can become a new home for mankind.


A bit of a wisecracker, Tommy is one of Travis’ fellow members of the garbage crew, and drives Clear Worlds’ garbage collector. He tends to be a bit more laid back, and tries to make light of the grim situation on planet Earth. According to Travis, he’s a complete moron.


Cassandra is the love of Travis’ life. She also works for the Cacace brothers; she pilots a large barge carrying toxic waste and radioactive waste. Cassandra flies over this area every day to go to the toxic waste storage center. She also makes a mean cup of coffee.


Travis’ right hand man and fellow member of the Atomic Bros’ cleanup crew. Rodriguez generally carries a giant rosary with him on his trash collection suit. Though his job isn’t the most glamorous, he’s extremely reliable, and is the first to come to his coworkers’ aid when they’re in need. (Even if the shift ends in a few minutes.)


One of the members of the Atomic Bros’ garbage crew. After he goes mysteriously silent, the rest of the crew investigates.

Atomic Bros.

Owned by the notorious Cacace Brothers, Atomic Bros. is the megacorporation tasked with cleaning up the debris from the Earth’s surface.

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