1956. Kootenai National Forest, Montana. When smokejumper Nathan Garrett perishes in a raging wildfire, his surviving family’s hopes and happiness turn to ashes. Now, one year following Nathan’s death, wife, and mother of two, Jolene Garrett, takes her crumbling family to the Morning Star lookout seeking solace through closure–to scatter her husband’s remains. But something far beyond the reach of their wildest imaginings awaits the Garrett family in the Montana wilderness–something more powerful than their anguish and torment. Something that transcends space and time. No telephones. No electricity. No transportation. No escape.




No telephones. No electricity. No escape.



The Characters


Editor; Crimes and Misadventures Portfolio

Bucky is an editor, and a deer/man hybrid, and an anomaly, and a fella who wants to do good in this world. While most don’t know his origins, they push past it to fall into two camps – those who love him because he works hard and gets results and those who hate him because he’s different, and sometimes that’s all people need. Bucky prefers to ignore both and just get on with the work. He uses his deer abilities to sniff out a story and chase it down [in short bursts], and he’s very passionate about digging out the crimes and inequalities he sees around him and hopes to fix.

If Robert Redford had been down to wear some antlers in the 70s, Bucky would have been perfectly presented on the silver screen.

Dan Hille - Sub-editor

Sometimes, a good editor is supported by a great man. Dan has an eye for story, and he’s got smart and innovative ways to get his hands dirty. Always putting the story first, sometimes to his own personal detriment, Dan is the ultimate partner for Bucky when he needs to dig a little deeper into someone or something. There is always that personal who throws themselves so deeply into the work you’ll know instantly that they are bound for great things, and Dan lives his life like he’ll be buried underneath the building where The Truth is printed each day.

Randy Piper - Grotto Domo

Randy is all about the money. Or so it would seem. Running his various businesses from his grotto full of sensuality and sexy schmooze, he does his best to hide the loyalty and care he holds for those he knows do good in the world. He’s a broken man on the inside, hiding behind humor and a facade of excess, and it’s rare anyone sees the man behind the curtain, even himself.

Mayor Jackson - Literal Mayor

Just the worst. Mayor Jackson is a corrupt, nasty, arrogant bully, and he makes no attempt to hide it. Why would he? It no doubt netted him many of the votes that got him across the line in multiple elections. He’s unkind, uncaring, and unable to be removed from the houses of policy – so he plans to make hay while the sun shines. But there’s a deeper secret lurking beneath the Mayor, and this arcane underground is more than Bucky ever thought he would stumble into.

Rose Gilroy - Real Estate Agent

Rose is a good person. Aside from the crime and stories and horrible men of Sheltered Cove, she’s working hard and minding her own business. If only the world she ignores would allow such a thing. Events are transpiring to lure Rose into something bigger and darker than she could imagine, and if she won’t be lured then she’ll be dragged. But these ominous forces haven’t accounted for Rose’s strength and smarts, not at all.

Soo Yaeger - Sub-editor

Soo is a young journalist with a bright future ahead of her, and she’d never wear shades because she loves the dazzle in her eyes. Eager and passionate, she enjoys her work and takes every opportunity to reflect on the bonkers fun to be found in turning the Cove onto its belly and seeing what scuttles out into the sunlight. Soo is the new school of investigative journalism, and Bucky will need to get himself ready for the new wave.