The call of adventure always seems to hang up whenever Randelgast Jones tries to answer it, leaving him facing the dull future of working in his family’s successful potion shop. But when a powerful artifact is stolen from his parents and puts them under a terrible curse, Ran finally gets the quest he’s been after his whole life. He and his siblings set off to find the missing artifact – and its trail leads them from their homeland of Primaterra to the very strange realm of…Earth.


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Geek Vibes Nation
Geek Vibes Nation@GeekVibesNation
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"A perfect blend of whimsical and the classical pushes Potions Inc. along with pace and great storytelling by Erik Burnham."
Comic Book Poser
Comic Book Poser@CBPoser
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"I thoroughly believe this book should be successful with a wide audience. Naturally, if you enjoy any type of magic and dragons fashion fantasy tale, you'll be right at home in pulling this book. I also believe if you enjoy a heist style book, you will enjoy this by issue two..."
First Comics News
First Comics News
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"This is the start of what promises to be the adventure of a lifetime. These three siblings especially Ran have the opportunity to step up and do something. Will he have what it takes? Can he stop the evil to be unleashed?"
Media Mallrat
Media Mallrat @Media_Mallrat
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"This is a book for the fantasy fans, I am delighted to see more and more sword & sorcery type stories coming into the comic book world because the fantasy genre is growing ever more popular and there are some fantastic stories to be told. I personally cannot wait to read more in this series."

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The Characters


An unfocused dreamer, Ran is the oldest son of Feldymion and Elodie Jones. While he works for the family business, Ran has lofty dreams of adventure–or at least, doing something more interesting than working at the busiest potions merchant in the city of Blossing. Unlike the rest of his family, Ran isn’t an alchemist or a wand-user. Despite being inborn with magical abilities, his lack of focus keeps him from developing a deeper connection with his magic. His siblings make fun of him for this mercilessly. At the advice of his father, Ran leans into his own magical instincts in order to find a lucky charm–a tool that would aid him in focusing and honing his magic skills. Unfortunately for Ran, his instincts lead him to a charm better known as the Fordstone, a highly coveted artifact said to increase magic potency and make its user nearly all-powerful.


Twin to Astreus, Asteria is an extremely gifted alchemist, albeit a bit of a perfectionist. Their patience with others, and themself, is fairly limited. Unlike their free-spirited twin brother, Asteria is known to have a bit of a short fuse. Even so, their alchemical talents are undeniable. Asteria is able to concoct potions on the fly when the moment calls for it–even better than their own father, Feldymion Jones, can. Asteria works with precision and is careful to only share partial recipes with others–so that their potions have the most potency no matter the situation. If you asked Asteria, they’d say they are definitely the most talented of all the Jones siblings. (Astreus, however, would never agree with Asteria. At least, not to their face, anyway.)


Twin brother to Asteria, Astreus is gregarious with people. A natural flirt, Astreus tries to charm his way through most situations–though he doesn’t always necessarily succeed. He has the salesman’s gift of gab and a thick skin–perfect for dealing with his twin’s personality. Like his mother, Astreus is a talented wand-user. His personality tends to be a bit more easygoing, but he rarely passes up the opportunity to poke fun at his older brother, Ran, for not being great with his own magic. Despite his teasing, Astreus is fiercely protective of his siblings.


Strong-willed and well-grounded, Geneva Garcia is an FBI agent stationed in her hometown of Seattle, Washington. Her father, Bracco Garcia, would often tell her stories of a distant land known as Primaterra in her childhood. Though she once loved hearing stories about Primaterra and the sorcerers who inhabited it, she now regards them as simple bedtime stories. Geneva is a straight-shooter, and has a strong sense of intuition she can always rely on. She’d be the first to tell you her gut feelings are never wrong. When she’s at work, she prefers to jump straight into the action and get the job down quickly and efficiently.


Poncelina Arkay operates a stall that is a direct competitor of the Jones Family’s potions shop. A perfectionist at heart, Poncelina takes great pride in her craft and insists her potions are the best in all of Blossing–no, Primaterra–itself. According to Asteria Jones, no low is too low for Poncelina Arkay. Poncelina’s primary goal is recognition, and she’ll stop at nothing to achieve it; even if it means stealing Asteria’s potion recipes or announcing flash sales at her potions cart to hurt her competition.


This artifact, when whole, is a kind of “universal wand” that could be used by any magic wielder of Primaterra. It also increases the potency of the magic used; a person with the Fordstone might eventually become almost all-powerful. Three of Goras’ students managed to get it away from him – some may say through pure luck, others divine intervention – before his powers grew large enough to achieve his goal of merging Primaterra with Earth. The three students (Feldy, El, and Bracco) banished Goras to a netherrealm; but he cursed the stone before his banishment and bound it to the students. If it was stolen from them as they stole it from him, their health would deteriorate painfully until they died. He assumed they’d planned to use its power as he did and that thieves would come out of the woodwork once they did. He was wrong. The Fordstone was broken in two but could have been easily mended. Instead they decide to keep the pieces separate and to never use them. Feldy and El, engaged at this point, would keep one half. And staying in Primaterra is their wedding present from Bracco, who decides to take the other half to a place it will be hard for anyone else to find: Earth.


Just to make things clear! In Primaterra, everyone has a little bit of magic in them. There are three types of ways magic is wielded in Primaterra, and everyone falls into one of these three groups. 1. The wand-users. They channel magic through a physical object. Usually a wand, though it’s entirely possible it could be something else. (Such as the Fordstone.) It should be noted, that the more easily an object processes magic (again, like an object such as the Fordstone would) the more power the user would have access to! In the Jones family, Astreus is a wand-user. The limits: they must have a magically conductive item to process magic. 2. The alchemists. Potion-makers. They can mix ingredients together that have specific magical properties. (Were a non-magical person to do it, they’d have a weird soup.) Once a recipe is recorded, any Primaterran with access to said recipe can reliably recreate a potion, although it won’t be as potent as if created by an alchemist. Additionally, only an alchemist can improvise a potion with new effects. They’re the most versatile of the magic user, able to do almost anything – though they must create through a potion. 3. The rarest form of magic user is the inborn, one who can connect to and wield magic without any external focus (such as a wand or ingredients.) They connect to the world around them — the elements, flora, fauna – for their power. This type’s limits rest on focus and usually takes training to wield properly.
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