Jay, Lana, Drew, Walter, and Shen began playing Dice & Deathtraps in high school. Now dealing with college and all the twists and turns of their lives, their weekly game has been a wonderful constant. But, as college graduation looms and it feels like their lives are all moving down very different paths, Lana’s thrilled to finally finally complete the party’s unfinished original campaign. But when Jay’s partner Cassandra joins the game, Lana refuses to let her play.


Here's What Critics Are Saying

The PullBox
The PullBox@ThePullbox
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"I enjoyed this book as a lifelong player of TTRPG who’s been with his current gaming group since D&D 3rd edition hit the shelves. The number of nods & Easter Eggs from that angle alone were enough to hook me into this latest offering from the folks at Mad Cave Studios."
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"A comic perfect for those looking for a bit of a feel good read, also perfect if you are partial to a dice game or two this will definitely be up your street."
Geek Vibes Nation
Geek Vibes Nation@GeekVibesNation
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"With art that screams animation, Dozerdraws brings writer Jasmine Walls story to the page with charm and whimsy. Between that and Walls skill of capturing the fear and uncertainty of them moving on with their lives, the story is extremely relatable and well told."
Comical Opinions
Comical Opinions@ComicalOpinions
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"Visually, this is absolutely an appealing comic and I’m looking forward to seeing more from this creative team."

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The Characters

Jay - The Last Session PNG

Jay (They/Them)

“Have any of you played Dice & Deathtraps before?”

A theatre kid at heart, Jay is the Dungeon Master for the party’s Dice & Deathtraps session and the solid rock of this friend group. Though they’ve been playing Dice & Deathtraps since their high school days, their grandmother is still convinced D&D is a secret gambling ring. Jay takes their role as DM very seriously, getting as creative as they possibly can when creating new maps and lore for their campaigns. (If you asked them, they’d say it’s definitely the best part of being a DM!) When they’re not leading a campaign, you can find Jay hard at work as a personal trainer, or writing in their RPG blog.

The Undying Lord
(Level ???, Lich)

“The Undying Lord is an ancient Lich, spreading darkness and fear wherever they led their legions of undead soldiers. Whatever their name was, whoever they were before they rose to their evil throne, is a mystery. Those secrets have long ago been buried and left to rot. The only living things The Undying Lord seems to care for these days is their garden of prize-winning marigolds.
Special Ability: Command Undead
Inventory: Crown of Gilded Bone, Calcium Supplements, Garden of Prize-Winning Marigolds

  • STR: ???
  • DEX: ???
  • CON: ???
  • WIS: ???
  • INT: ???
  • CHA: ???

Lana (She/Her)

“Do we really want the campaign that brought us together to end like this?”

A skillfull D&D player through and through, Lana is a little bit of a Type-A personality with a flair for the dramatic. Though she’s been friends with Jay for years, change isn’t something that comes easily to her–especially when it comes to her friends. Despite being set in her ways, she’s determined to make every penny she’s paying for school worth it. She intends to take her Language Studies major even further, even if it means moving away to grad school–difficult as it may be for her.

Na’ala Whisperwind (Level 17, Half-Elf Rogue)

Rescued from the streets as a young orphan, Na’ala was taken in by a Thief’s Guild and trained in the way of the shadows. Though she was grateful, she grew tired of the underhanded world of backstabbing and betrayal, and set off in search of her own destiny. Na’ala is slow to trust, but will protect those she calls friends to her last breath.
Special Ability: Sneak Attack
Inventory: +1 Kukri Knives, Boots of Shadow, Lock-Picking Kit

  • STR: +14
  • DEX: +20
  • CON: +16
  • WIS: +18
  • INT: +14
  • CHA: +12

Drew (He/Him)

“We might make something amazing.”

Though Drew has a mostly cheerful demeanor, his D&D character is the most intimidating in their party despite being their healer. His personality is a bit more laid back than those of his friends, and he prefers to take a more level-headed approach to the matters at hand. Despite working as a barista, Drew is an aspiring writer, trying his best to break into the industry and sending his writing samples to as many publishers as he can. His passion for writing developed in his younger days, when he wrote stories about the party’s D&D campaigns in his spare time.

Omen Shadowblade (Level 17, Human Hellknight Cleric Multiclass)

Born on a battlefield and raised by an order of knights dedicated to purging evil from the land, Omen is a bit of a stickler for rules and regulations to live by but has been slowly learning to loosen up. He’s earned a reputation on the battlefield both as a vanquisher of evil and a caretaker of innocents. (He’s secretly a softie.)
Special Ability: Blessed Touch
Inventory: +1 Greatsword of Cleaving, Healer’s Kit, Locket with a picture of his parents

  • STR: +20
  • DEX: +12
  • CON: +20
  • WIS: +18
  • INT: +12
  • CHA: +10

Shen (She/Her)

“After all, gaming wouldn’t be half as fun without new friends to share it with.”

A photography major and nature enthusiast, Shen is ready to leave behind a life of taking corporate photos to pursue her true passion for nature photography! Extroverted and kind, she never fails to see the best in people, and wants to make as many new friends as she can!. Though she dated around a bit in high school, she eventually uncovered the possibility that being aro/ace was an option–thanks to the help of Walter and their school’s GSA. Since then, she and Walter have developed a sort of queer-platonic relationship, and are now nearly inseparable.

Hazel Thornweaver (Level 17, Dwarven Druid)

After her parents went on strike from the jewel mines, they formed a commune with other dwarves who chose to live in the forest instead. She grew up there, surrounded by animals and nature. Her friendly nature helped her learn to speak with the creatures and plants of the realm, and she vowed to be a fierce protector of both. Hazel is also a friend of birds, and is seldom seen without at least one bird companion in her travels.

Special Ability: Commune with Animals
Inventory: +1 Enchanted Staff, Bracers of Strength, Pocket Full of Seeds & Nuts

  • STR: +16
  • DEX: +14
  • CON: +12
  • WIS: +20
  • INT: +18
  • CHA: +14

Walter (He/Him)

”What if all I want right now is some friends?”

An introvert who needs an extrovert, Walter has struggled with making friends in the past due to his anxiety. Although he may be a little shy, Walter’s charms go absolutely unmatched! Kind, loyal, and true, he’s an incredibly loveable friend and half-orc ranger. Over time, his close friendship with Shen, as well as playing D&D, have helped him gain confidence in himself. While he hasn’t quite decided what he wants to do with his life yet, he’s certainly trying his best. He does have a secret talent for creating art, but he’s a bit timid about sharing his work. At present, he spends most of his time assisting Shen with her photography projects, and plans on traveling with her to further pursue her passion of nature photography!

Greg (Level 17, Half-Orc Ranger)

More of a lover than a fighter, Greg prefers to find non-violent solutions whenever he can. When it comes to charming an enemy or fighting one, his arrows fly true, striking right to the heart. He is, however, notorious for his charms, and can talk his way out of just about any situation!

Special Ability: Piercing Shot
Inventory: +1 Darkwood Longbow, Quiver of Endless Arrows, Limited Edition Compendium of Poetry and Romantic Ballads

  • STR: +15
  • DEX: +20
  • CON: +14
  • WIS: +14
  • INT: +12
  • CHA: +19

Cassandra (She/Her)

“I can finally play with the cool kids!”

Cassandra is the newest member of her partner Jay’s D&D campaign. While her personality is mostly easy-going, she’s earnest to a fault and incredibly eager to make friends–especially after having heard so many amazing things about Jay’s group of friends. Cassandra has a tendency to rush straight into things, however, and this often leads to bigger mishaps as a result. She was initially homeschooled, and met Jay online in high school, where they began their long-distance relationship. Having heard about their group, she asked to join once she and Jay moved in together–though has had trouble fitting in as a new, inexperienced player. Despite her lack of experience, she tries her best to help the party and is the most well-versed with the lore Jay has provided for them.

Kezz the Bold (Level 18, Dragonkin Bard)

Feeling constrained by the tedious life of her fellow dragonkin, hoarding treasure, and devouring enemies (she’s always been a bit squeamish), Kezz set off to reclaim her destiny, with music! She makes allies and confronts foes using her wits and a little bit of bardic magic–though her ability to multi-skill sometimes makes her feel as if she’s intruding on other characters’ specialties. A natural investigator, Kezz can easily sniff out when things aren’t quite right, and is determined to get to the heart of the issue at hand.
Special Ability: Devastating Charm
Inventory: Investigation Kit, Magical Lute, Mustache of Disguise

  • STR: +12
  • DEX: +16
  • CON: +14
  • WIS: +14
  • INT: +18
  • CHA: +20
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