Survival Comes First! Edenfrost Is Now Available In Trade Paperback!

Survival comes first. The tears come later. The hit historical fantasy series from Amit Tishler, Edenfrost, illustrated by Bruno Frenda and lettered by Taylor Esposito, is now available at your favorite local comic shop and bookstore!

Amidst the snow-capped hills of war-torn Ukraine, teenage siblings Alex and Yuli have lost all but each other in the chaos of the Russian Civil War. Their journey becomes a fight for survival in the face of warfare, but when the siblings uncover the mystical powers of a Golem, will they finally find their place in the world?

EDENFROST (Trade Paperback)
Writer: Amit Tishler – Artist: Bruno Frenda – Letterer: Taylor Esposito

Synopsis: After losing their parents in a pogrom, teenage siblings Alex and Yuli use the mystical power of a Golem to survive the chaos of the Russian Civil War. In a harrowing journey through war-torn Ukraine, the duo will face the harsh reality of warfare, ethnic bias, and national pride as they fight for their own place in the world.

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Meet the Creators!

“Edenfrost is a deeply personal and pertinent story, born from an amalgamation of my own philosophies, interests, family history, and artistic passions. I wanted to create an epic journey that’s exciting and entertaining but also delivers a nuanced and insightful message about the concept of identity. Utilizing my lifelong interest in history, I infused fantastical elements into a historically authentic setting, throwing my young, wide-eyed protagonists straight into its deep, dark waters. I want readers to experience this chaotic chapter of human history through Alex and Yuli’s eyes and understand their story’s relevance to our world today. But more than anything, I want everyone to enjoy the mystery, tension, and thrilling action that this emotional rollercoaster has to offer, and I can’t wait for you to read it.”

-Author, Amit Tishler

“Edenfrost is a project to which I am particularly committed, as it is the first time as an artist that I have been entrusted with a complete miniseries, and in this particular case I also had the opportunity to challenge myself as a complete artist, processing the pages from the layouts down to the colors. Amit won me over immediately when he showed me the prologue, and I can say that Edenfrost is a captivating and action-packed work, I hope it can impress you as much as it did with me!”

-Illustrator, Bruno Frenda


Kirkus Reviews
Kirkus ReviewsKirkusReviews
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“An impressive, pulse-pounding start to a new series that will leave readers eager for another compilation.”
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“A suspenseful tale about having an identity when there are forces ready to take it.” -Jake Palermo
Capes and Tights
Capes and Tights@capestightspod
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“The inclusion of Jewish folklore, the Russian Civil War, and the use of a golem makes Edenfrost an excellent comic book that stands out from the crowd. It is an exciting and engaging read.” -Jared Thomas


The tears can wait. We’ve got a glimpse into Alex and Yuli’s harrowing journey across the icy Ukrainian hills in our official trailer for Edenfrost!


We’ve got your first look inside the chilly pages of our upcoming fantasy adventure series, Edenfrost. You can check out the action below!

Edenfrost is now available on the official Mad Cave Studios website, and is available at your favorite bookstore, local comic shop, and digital comic reader!


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