Terminal Punks Spotlight: Inside the Cave

The first issue of Terminal Punks, our blaring love letter to the music and attitude of rebellion, hits shelves at your local comic stores today!

Synopsis: Four teens in an unnamed band are en route to New York for an important gig after winning “the battle of the bands.” When they land at the airport, they realize something is wrong. It just so happens that a plane filled with mutated exotic animals crashed into the same airport as them and are demolishing anything and anyone in sight. Our band of punks, quarantined in an airport, must survive with these virulent beasts on the hunt for flesh.

Writer: Matthew Erman Artist: Shelby Criswell Letterer: Micah Myers

See what others had to say about this first issue:
Screen Rant
Screen Rant@screenrant
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“If you're looking for a punk rock comic with endearing characters and something to say, you can't do much better than Terminal Punks #1.”
Graphic Policy
Graphic Policy@graphicpolicy
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“A hilarious, wild, and fun thrill-ride! Terminal Punks is a blaring colorful love letter to the music and attitude of rebellion. It is also a tongue-in-cheek takedown of rich idiots doing stupid things for bad reasons.”
Shattered Glass Comic Reviews:
Shattered Glass Comic Reviews:@Ready4Wednesday
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“Very different than anticipated. The group dynamic & bloody kills were great. This has a Dawn of the Dead vibe, except with animals/monsters. Definitely recommend!”
When creating a story with such a fun, insane premise, you need an artist who knows just how to translate everything onto the page. Click below to watch Shelby Criswel share how they plan the way panels fit onto a page as well as the coloring process and strategies they use.
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Digital versions of our comics are available on ComiXology and DriveThru Comics.
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