The Freakish Show’s End Goes to 2nd Printing!

The Show is back in town for an encore at Mad Cave Studios!

From Talent Search winners, to comic book collaborators, the efforts of Anthony Cleveland and Jef Sadzinski on Mad Cave Studios’ “Show’s End”, have earned the book a second printing! Mad Cave’s supernatural story of overcoming inner demons returns with a new special edition cover from series’ artist Jef Sadzinski and will be available in limited quantities. This special issue of Show’s End #1 will be available in solicitations for one week.

Equal parts brutal and beautiful, Show’s End takes place in Georgia during the 1920s and follows Loralye, a 12-year-old runaway seeking refuge with a traveling group of freak show performers. At first, she isn’t welcomed for being too “ordinary.” But what her new found family doesn’t know, is that Loralye is hiding a secret more freakish than anyone could ever imagine.

Show’s End 2nd Printing

If you missed out on your issue of the horrifyingly beautiful debut of Show’s End, a limited second printing will be available to order on PREVIEWSworld.


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