The Sheriff’s Last Crusade Begins! Nottingham Returns For Third And Final Arc!

The famed Mad Cave Studios series resurfaces in 2024 for the final arc!
All great adventures must come to a close, but not without one final draw… This spring, Mad Cave Studios brings the thrilling final arc of the 2019 Talent Search winning series NOTTINGHAM, the medieval noir from David Hazan (Death Drop: Drag Assassin) and Shane Connery Volk (Tales from the Cave), with colors by Luca Romano and Ringo Award-nominated letterer Justin Birch! We last left Ev in dire straits, with the future of Nottinghamshire hanging in the balance! When he returns home to find a city he barely recognizes, who can be trusted? And what lies in store for the Sheriff?

Cover Artist: Shane Connery Volk and Luca Romano

Cover Artist: Shane Connery Volk

Writer: David Hazan – Artist: Shane Connery Volk
Colorist: Luca Romano – Letterer: Justin Birch
Release Date: April 10th, 2024

Synopsis: The Changing of the Guard. Everard Blackthorne, the Sheriff of Nottingham, returns home to find a city he barely recognizes. With the Merry Men in charge and Robin and the King closing in, blood, panic, and treachery flow in equal measure.

Meet the Creators!

“This is it! Volume 3! It’s incredibly gratifying to be able to do this once again and I’m thankful to all the fans who took a chance on what was our first book. This is the culmination of all of our work on this series over the last 4 years, so get ready for more of our Sheriff, and more of your favourites, but…as always…don’t get too attached, because in The Final Tithe, Nottingham will burn and heads will roll!”
-Author, David Hazan

“It’s bittersweet knowing this is the end, but if you’re gonna go out – go out with a bang! Vol. 3 is the Sheriff’s worst day on the job yet. Time to burn the whole thing down!”
-Illustrator, Shane Connery Volk

“Ah, poor Ev. A life in servitude to others. Beaten and beater, over and over. Is it guilt that brought you back to the usurped lion’s den, even though you had a once in a lifetime chance to walk away with a clean slate? Is it duty? A misplaced sense of honor?
No matter now, the Lion is back, and all you’ll find for certain in the streets of Nottingham are misery and death.”
-Colorist, Luca Romano

“From the 2019 Mad Cave talent search to the present, David Hazan (writer) and Shane Connery Volk (artist) have poured blood, sweat, and ink into numerous panels of the Nottingham franchise. With Luca Romano (colorist) and Justin Birch (letterer) in tow, these Merry Men are closing out their tale with a quiver full of action, twists, and new revelations. In the indie world, it can be hard for a series to make it to a single volume, so we’re beyond proud of this team for telling their complete story in a way that will appease both first-time readers and longtime fans. This is the beginning of the end!”
-Letterer, Justin Birch


We’ve got your first look inside the pages of the final installment of our bestselling medieval noir, Nottingham. Click through to check it out below!

Nottingham #11 is now available for pre-order on the official Mad Cave Studios website, and will be available at your favorite bookstore, local comic shop, and digital comic reader on April 10th, 2024!


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