The Void Stares Back – Bountiful Garden Vol. 1

“You can be held in the wholeness of the garden and you will be known and understood in a way you never knew was possible.”

Terror creeps around every corner aboard the Jemison! On a mission to terraform a distant planet, a crew of teenage scientists finds themselves in the middle of a fight for survival– and help is light-years away. Now, stuck in the far reaches of space, all hope is lost, and horrors beyond all comprehension lie in wait… Can the crew make it to safety with their sanity intact? And can they be sure that the people they started their journey with are the same ones they’ll finish alongside?

On April 6th Bountiful Garden will be available in trade paperback format, collecting issues #1-5 of our cosmic horror series!

Author: Ivy Noelle Weir – Artist: Kelly Williams –  Colorist: Giorgio Spalletta – Letterer: Kelly Williams

Synopsis: In the year 2200, a team of teenage scientists are sent on a terraforming mission to a distant planet. Selected as the best and brightest of their generation, architect Jonas, botanist Marnie, biologist Jane, engineers Anya and Kamari, and security detail Kurt are all put into cryostasis expected to wake up when it is time to prepare to land on their assigned planet. When they are awakened abruptly, ten years early, halted above a strange planet, the teens are tasked with trying to figure out why they’re stalled – or what stalled them. As they break into two teams, one tasked with fixing the ship, the other with exploring the unknown planet below, they’re faced with an increasingly nightmarish scenario as they encounter a cosmic horror that seems to not only have attacked their ship, but also their minds. Collects issues #1 – 5.

Meet the Creators!

Ivy Noelle Weir (She/Her)
Ivy is a writer of comics and prose living in the greater Boston area. She is the co-creator of the Dwayne McDuffie Award-winning graphic novel Archival Quality (Oni Press), and her writing has appeared in anthologies such as Princeless: Girls Rock (Action Lab Entertainment) and Dead Beats (A Wave Blue World). She is also the author of two upcoming middle-grade graphic novels for Little, Brown Books for Young Readers: The Secret Garden on 81st Street (2021) and a modern retelling of Anne of Green Gables (2022).

Kelly Williams (He/Him):
Kelly is a comic book artist, writer, reader, and appreciator who has worked with publishers like Dark Horse, IDW, BOOM!, Mad Cave Studios, Top Shelf, and more.
Mostly known for his work in horror with contributions to books like Creepy and Eerie as well as creator-owned books such as The Cabinet and The Dark, he likes doing spooky stuff.

Giorgio Spalletta (He/Him)
Born in Italy 1989, Giorgio Spalletta attended the International School of Comics in Rome, where he is now a teacher. He lives In Rome and he’s one of the members of Studio Panopticon. He worked with Bugs Comics, Editoriale Aurea, Sergio Bonelli editore, Editoriale Cosmo and IDW. He collaborates with Mad Cave Studios as colorist.

Justin Birch (He/Him)
Justin is a Ringo Award-nominated letterer born and raised in the hills of West Virginia. Lettering comics since 2015, he is a member of the lettering studio AndWorld Design and has worked with numerous indie publishers. Justin still lives in West Virginia, only now it’s with his loving wife, daughter, and their dog, Kirby.

Artist Kelly Williams was featured on an episode of our very own Transmissions From The Cave! You can check out his live drawing here:

Critic Reviews

Comic Watch
Comic Watch@ComicWatchHQ
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“Somber, watercolor-styled, emotional to the point of expressionism, the colors, shadows and lines that inhabit Bountiful Garden tell of a deep chilling story, of a crew lost in space and how their anxieties inhabit and splatter through the pages.” - Duna Haller, Comicwatch
Geek Vibes Nation
Geek Vibes Nation@GeekVibesNation
Read More
"Needless to say, Bountiful Garden starts things off with drama from the start and builds from there. Art wise, Kelly Williams along with colorist Giorgio Spalleta gives us a somber, isolated feel as fitting with the storyline and a watercolor-like palette that is extremely well executed.” - Martin, Geek Vibes Nation
Comical Opinions
Comical Opinions@ComicalOpinions
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“An effectively chilling creature feature that amps up the paranoid tension on every page, making you feel like something is about to jump out of the dark at any second.” - Gabriel Hernandez, Comical Opinions

Bountiful Garden Vol. 1 can be purchased on, Comixology, Drive-thru comics, or your local comic book shop.

Mad Cave Studios: is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded by Mark London in 2014 driven by madness and committed to quality. For additional information, visit

The garden awaits.


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