War Makes Man Into Beasts. Hound Is Now Available.

In the purview of war, there is no line between man and beast. After all, violence always claims the lives of two, and war claims the lives of more.

Our newest, highly-anticipated original horror graphic novel, Hound, written by Sam Romesburg and Sam Freeman, with illustrations by Rodrigo Vázquez and letters by Justin Birch, is now available at your favorite local comic shop and bookstore.

A surreal tale exploring the horrors of war, Hound follows the journey of the sensitive Private Barrow as he faces the front lines during World War I as documented in his journal. But when Barrow is sent to the “Gas Quarter” with a select unit known as “The Hounds”, he finds himself thrust into horrors beyond his imagination.

“For Sam, Rodrigo and I, Hound is the culmination of over a year’s worth of planning, historical research and work, and we could not be more thrilled to see it finally taking physical form,” said Sam Romesburg, co-author of Hound, “We cannot wait for readers to take in this world Rodrigo has so masterfully produced on the page, and we could not be more thankful to be doing this with the incredible team at Mad Cave.”

Writers: Sam Romesburg & Sam Freeman
Illustrator: Rodrigo Vázquez
Letterer: Justin Birch
ISBN: 9781952303784

Synopsis: During World War I, a young soldier is assigned to one of the most deadly areas along the western front. However, he finds the greatest threat to his life lies not with the enemy, but with a cult formed by his own men.

Found nestled and protected within a den of wolves, the journal of Private Barrow, a fresh young soldier drafted into Britain’s royal army during the height of World War I, meticulously and explicitly recounts the events that lead to his death. However, where most men are sent to the trenches, Barrow was sent to a place known only to him as the “gas quarter” — a patch along the western front known for incessant mustard gas attacks. Our story and the journal both begin with Barrow’s introduction to the unit occupying the quarter — a group referred to by the top brass as “The Hounds,” a nickname earned by the appearance of their long-snouted gas masks. Immediately, Barrow is shaken by the sight of them and is soon pulled into a hell that can only come from the savage horror of war.

Meet the Creators!

We had the chance to chat with Hound writers Sam Freeman and Sam Romesburg about their creative processes, the inspirations behind Hound, and more! Click here to read the interview!

Writer, Sam Romesburg (He/Him)
Residing in Frederick, Maryland, Sam is a relatively new writer excited to make his Mad Cave debut with Hound, co-written with writing partner Sam Freeman. Previously, Sam was the co-creator of the Scout Comics series Children of the Grave, the Sumerian Comics series One of Us is the Killer and one-shot Rock & Roll Hell with co-creator Ben Roberts. Outside of comics, Sam enjoys aggressive music, football, and spending time with his wife Louisa and 3 year old son Jesse.

Writer, Sam Freeman (He/Him)
Sam Freeman is a Baltimore-based writer whose work can be found in Basic Instinct through Sumerian Comics. Sam can be overheard talking about Columbo, the Coen Brothers, Dionne Warwick, his fiancée Emma, or his dog Tommy

Artist, Rodrigo Vázquez (He/Him)
Rodrigo is a self-taught cartoonist. He has been drawing since he can remember. At university, he studied audiovisual communication where he learned about narrative. During that time, he participated in several contests, winning several prizes. Once he finished at university he took a pre-production course in animation and his teacher signed him up for a studio where he dedicated himself to making storyboards, while he worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Recently, however, he has turned his attention to comics and managed to publish his first work, “Swip Tip Kapety Kaluse”, this was followed by “El misterio de la Calle Viento”, a local project to promote the city of Marbella, and “FONDO” a strange pirates story. This year, he published “Montemar”, an adaptation of a classic Spanish story, filled with adventure, romance, monsters, and ghosts.


Kirkus Reviews
Kirkus Reviews@KirkusReviews
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“A visceral and neatly executed graphic parable of war’s dehumanizing power.”
Read More
“Simple yet gripping fare for fans of horror comics or historical fiction with a speculative twist.” –Peter Blenski
Publisher’s Weekly
Publisher’s Weekly@PublishersWkly
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"A solidly entertaining spine-tingler in a concise package, perfect for horror fans who like a dash of existential terror mixed into their gore."


We’ve got a sneak peek into the harrowing events at the Gas Quarter. Join Private Barrow as he faces the true horrors of war in our official trailer for Hound, below.


Hound is now available on the official Mad Cave Studios website, at your favorite bookstore, local comic shop, and digital comic reader! Be sure to keep up with Mad Cave Studios on social media for updates, sneak peeks, and so much more!


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