What Lies Beneath Owl Mountain? Project Riese is Now Available!

What secrets have been hidden by history? Journey into the strange secrets of WWII this August, in our newest pulp-adventure series, Project Riese, now available at your favorite local comic shop!

Written by critically-acclaimed author Zac Thompson (Marvelous X-Men, Batman: Urban Legends, Undone by Blood) and illustrated by Jeff McComsey (The Fourth Man, Grendel, Kentucky, Wipeout), Project Riese follows Sam Safdie and his group of ragtag treasure hunters!

Cover Artists: Jeff McComsey & Paul Little

Writer: Zac Thompson – Artist: Jeff McComsey – Colorist: Paul Little – Letterer: Justin Birch
Release Date: August 2nd, 2023

Synopsis: It’s 1952. The wound WWII inflicted on the world is still fresh. Sam Safdie and his ragtag group of treasure hunters have been searching for the fabled map of the Owl Mountains for years…and they finally found it. Their journey leads them to a massive war complex that hides both unknown horrors and a fortune in gold. However, the deeper they travel, the more they realize the complex has developed a life of its own and that some secrets are better left buried in the past.

Project Riese is an action-packed adventure/sci-fi tale perfect for fans of Uncharted, Overlord, and The Keep.


Get ready to discover the secrets hidden deep beneath Owl Mountain. To celebrate the release of Project Riese, we’ve launched a limited-edition Mad Cave Exclusive variant, illustrated by Christian Dibari and colored by Brad Simpson!

Limited to a print run of 100, be sure to collect your very own Mad Cave Exclusive variant of Project Riese before it’s sealed away for good!

Cover Artists: Christian Dibary & Brad Simpson
Writer: Zac Thompson – Artist: Jeff McComsey – Colorist: Paul Little – Letterer: Justin Birch

Meet the Creators!

“Project Riese is an adventure story that harkens back to the heyday of weird pulp stories. Featuring a cast of characters and sights that feel pulled from the pages of old pulp serials. It’s a weird war story where our POV characters aren’t soldiers or secret agents, but ostensibly normal people caught up in strange circumstances. They’re not looking for glory… but they are looking for a fortune. When Mad Cave approached me for this series, I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to create something with modern themes in this space. If you love the Indiana Jones series, Bioshock, or the most recent Wolfenstein games – you should really dig Project Riese!”
-Author, Zac Thompson

“Project: Riese combines just about all the things I like to watch and read about in my fiction. I hope folks have as much fun reading it as I had drawing it. – Artist, Jeff Mccomsey”

“Zac and Jeff have created a classic WWII-era adventure comic that’s equal parts Where Eagles Dare, Indiana Jones and Hellboy, and I’m excited to help bring their adventure to life!”
– Colorist, Paul Little


Capes and Tights
Capes and Tights@capestightspod
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“Project Riese‘s debut issue is exceptional. It has a unique, thrilling tale of adventure, a bit of horror, and hints of the supernatural. Zac Thompson’s narrative paired with Jeff McComsey’s stunning artwork, Paul Little’s colors, and Justin Birch’s lettering fits like a glove. The story has a perfect balance of action, suspense, and mystery that readers will enjoy.” -Justin Soderberg
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“Project Riese is a fine tribute to pulp fiction with entertaining characterizations. It feels like budget film made with passion from everyone involved. And there’s so much potential to be found as the story goes on.” -Jake Palermo
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“A triumphant return for this book that your parents wouldn't approve of! The whole creative team has really hit its stride here, and thankfully they don't show any signs of stopping to take a breath, and you'll have trouble catching yours.” -Jimmy Hayes,


We’ve got a glimpse into the pulp-adventure of a lifetime! Check out our official trailer for Project Riese below!


What secrets lie beneath the Owl Mountains? Click through for a first look at the adventures of Sam Safdie and his team of treasure hunters in Project Riese!

Project Riese #1 is now available on the official Mad Cave Studios website, and is available at your favorite bookstore, local comic shop, and digital comic reader!


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