Ben Goldsmith: RV9 Writer Spotlight

Mad Cave Studios Sat Down with the Creator of the New Assassin Thriller - RV9

To kick off September, we are putting the spotlight on one of Mad Cave’s talented Writers, Ben Goldsmith. His new series, RV9, brings elements of some of his favorite genres and influences together. RV9 is a fast-paced thriller that dives deep into an underworld of assassins and secret orders.  Join us for our sit down to learn more about the man behind Mad Cave Studios’ newest book.

Mad Cave Studios: Hey, Ben, thanks for joining us on our Creator Spotlight. First things first, what interested you about the story of RV9?

Ben Goldsmith: I loved an assassin already on the outs with her cabal. There’s passion in revenge! Then you add a young woman owning her independence and I was in like sin!

MCS: Tell me a little bit about how you approached this story. When did the story click for you? BG: It may sound strange, but the story really clicked when I realized all the assassins chose their “Order Names.” It tells so much about each of them in a single word and in the case of V, hers was based on her relation to the story of the Velveteen Rabbit. To know that story is to know V.
MCS: What are some of the biggest influences that you feel come through in RV9? BG: James Bond and Tarantino written through the pen of Christopher Durang. MCS: What is your favorite part about the comics process and why? BG: Two parts and they are both like finding gold! When I solve a narrative problem I’ve been having and when the artist first shows me the art. It’s all about discovery. MCS: What are you most excited about when the book launches? BG: For people to see that we made a comic very respectful to the protagonist’s experience and for people to come up to me with their stories of being in relationships that didn’t bring out the best in them. We can all relate to that with V. MCS: Send us off by telling us a weird fact about yourself! BG: I can sing every word to most Will Smith Songs. Wikki Wikki Wild Wild West…


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