Midnight Task Force, the New Cyberpunk Sci-fi Comic

What happens when Detroit’s only hope is a schizophrenic detective?

Mad Cave Studios is proud to announce the all-new noire, mystery, cyberpunk sci-fi comic set in the near future from Mark London (Writer) and Alejandro Giraldo (Art), this one is not for the squeamish Cave Dwellers out there. But if you want a dark, gritty, and violent crime drama from the twisted minds at Mad Cave Studios then Midnight Task Force is the book for you. Think Blade Runner meets A Beautiful Mind.

The story follows the most gifted member of the Detroit Police Department, Det. Aiden McCormick, in the year 2055. The city has become a nightmare fueled, dystopian landscape in need of salvation and Aiden is just the guy to deliver it. But Aiden carries with him a dark secret, one that could jeopardize everything he has worked so hard for since arriving in Detroit nine years earlier. Follow Aiden as he attempts to solve the most complicated murders in Detroit all while trying to maintain his grip on reality. What happens when your a prisoner to the voices in your own head? Can a madman catch a madman? Find the answers to all you questions in issue #1 of Midnight Task Force available July 11th, 2018.

A New Cyberpunk Sci-fi Comic

“With Midnight Task Force, I wanted to dig deeper and go darker. There is more to the story than what’s on the page and getting to know these characters will be a testament to what I’m referring to. It’s about second chances, mending broken relationships, and coming to terms with who you are. It’s all those things surrounding a detective who is fighting his personal demons while trying to a catch a vicious killer. A killer whose methods are different from any case Aiden has ever seen before. A case that is much darker than the rest and the only solution for Aiden is to confront his past,” said London. (read the full interview at PREVIEWSworld)

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Midnight Task Force #1

Publication Date: July 11, 2018
Diamond Code: MAY181864
Rated: M (mature)

In the year 2055, Detroit is a nightmarish city in need of salvation. A series of brutal murders have taken place and schizophrenic Det. Aiden McCormick has 72 hours to solve the case. Will Aiden be able to catch the killer and maintain his grip on reality? Created by Mark London. Know more here.


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