Spotlight on Battlecats Creator: Mark London

Get to know the MAD mind behind the Cave

With Battlecats #1 Vol. 2 about to launch in May, we thought it would be the perfect time to catch up with the man who brought Mad Cave and the Battlecats to life! Mark London sat down with us to discuss Battlecats and the future of Mad Cave.

Chris Fernandez: Mad Cave has been making a lot of noise lately thanks to titles like Knights of the Golden Sun and your newest comic, Honor and Curse. To what do you think you can attribute Mad Cave’s recent successes?

Mark London: I truly believe you can attribute the recent success to everyone involved with Mad Cave. The whole team has made it their life’s mission to make sure this “underdog” can make a name for itself in the comic book scene. From artists and designers, to the marketing and sales team, everyone is going above and beyond to knock it out of the park. When we first took up this MAD endeavor, we knew we had to fight an uphill battle. We had to experience a lot of trial and error before we found our footing and I think we’ve finally found it with the fans, with the retailers and even within the company.

CF: Battlecats Vol. 2 #1 is currently available for pre-order through Diamond, how does it feel to finally be releasing the second volume of your flagship series?

ML: Oh man, it’s a great feeling. The fact that so many people have enjoyed the series and want to see more is truly humbling, and a little overwhelming. I am so proud of Battlecats and all the hard work that everyone has been put into it. With the second volume, I’m getting to a point where we are truly scratching the surface of the story that the fans deserve. More action, more lore, more Battlecats! And did I mention we have a new artist: Mike Camelo and a new Colorist: Tekino?  It’s a privilege to be able to realize this vision with such a powerhouse of a team.

CF: What does your day typical workday look like? And what are you working on now? ML: This is Mad Cave. Every day is complete Madness, but the good type of madness. The kind that drives you to make better comics and to grow as a publisher creating comics with a Mad twist. CF: What does the future of Mad Cave look like? What are the plans for 2019 and beyond? ML: Comics, more content, and even more comics. We are bringing back our talent search this summer, looking for new voices to join Mad Cave’s growing list of talent. Also, we have plenty of  titles in the works that I can’t reveal at the moment. Let’s just say that we have some very ambitious plans for the next few years. CF: I always like to end interviews with this question, what are you currently, watching, reading, or playing? Any recommendations? ML: I just started reading The Last Lion. It’s about Winston Churchill’s life and it is awesome! In the TV department, I’m currently watching Jane The Virgin, hey, “Happy wife, Happy life.” right? At least until Game of Thrones kicks off its last season. My movie of the month is Battle Angel Alita. As far as comics, I’m reading Mister Miracle, Gideon Falls, and The Black Order.


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