Midnight Task Force Vol. 1: Hidden Voices

Will Det. Aiden McCormick solve the puzzle or will he spiral into madness?

HOOAH! This high-quality soft cover collects issues #1 – #4 of Midnight Task Force Vol. 1: Hidden Voices (OCT181810), story by Mark London (Battlecats, Knights of the Golden Sun) with art by the talented and versatile Alejandro Giraldo. Inside you will find over 130 pages of high quality art, storytelling, and action, along with never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes content. Whether you missed out on the series at the beginning or just want to relive Aiden’s journey to catch the Flayer in this gritty, cyberpunk, noir, thriller; Midnight Task Force Vol. 1: Hidden Voices has you covered.

Here’s what the critics have to say:
“...the artwork is downright breathtaking.”
“I can’t wait to see happens next after that lovely little cliffhanger Mark left us with.”
“This is incredibly well written with great pacing and characterization, alongside some seriously gorgeous interiors.”

Thank you, Cave Dwellers!

We want to thank all of the Cave Dwellers that have been following Aiden on his search for a brutal serial killer in Detroit from the very beginning! And to those of you about to jump on for the first time, hold on tight because Midnight Task Force will have you questioning everything you know, including reality itself!

Make to sure to visit your local comic shop and and order your copy of Midnight Task Force Vol. 1: Hidden Voice. And don’t worry Det. Aiden McCormick will be back soon!


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